Traditional ceremony for the presentation of staff wishes to General Management.

Traditional ceremony for the presentation of staff wishes to General Management.

L’entame de la cérémonie a été marquée par l’hymne de Coris Bank International entonné en chœur par l’ensemble du personnel.

Mr. Souleymane SIMPORE, staff representative, spoke on behalf of his colleagues, to express their best wishes to all management and also present their grievances for 2022.

He also reassured of the commitment and above all the self-sacrifice of all the staff at work, for ever more performance.

Mr. Diakarya OUATTARA, Managing Director of CBI SA at following the intervention of the staff representative, took the floor to thank the various collaborators for their word, and in turn to present his wishes for health, prosperity for all, peace and security for Burkina Faso. He also took the opportunity to announce that, in order to motivate staff, measures have been taken to further improve working conditions.

The ceremony was also the occasion for the awarding of the Coris Innovation 2021 prizes to 3 winners as well as 3 encouragement prizes. The 3rd prize worth 500,000 FCFA, with his “solar savings plan” project, was won by Mr. Judicaël SAWADOGO, the 2nd prize 750,000 FCFA by Mr. Salomon TRAORE with his project called « Instant Loan » and finally, the grand prize for innovation worth 1 million (1,000,000) FCFA won by Mr. Mamadou BARRY with its project called “Coris Institut”. The incentive prizes, meanwhile, are valued at 100,000 FCFA each.

Performances by artists, the presentation of gifts from the staff to the CEO of CBI SA, to the agents celebrating their birthday on the day of the presentation of the wishes, and the song of tribute to Coris, by the staff contributed to livening up the evening.

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