Cardless Coris Money

It’s simple and easy, with CARDLESS, withdraw your money via Coris Money in all Coris Bank International ATMs 7 days a week and 24H/24

How does it work?

The withdrawal is done in 2 phases:

Phase 1: Availability from the Coris Money account:

  1. Launch the application Coris Money from your Smartphone
  2. Go to the BILL AND ATM DEPOSIT menu and select the ATM DEPOSIT category
  3. Select ATM CBI then enter the amount (multiple of 5,000 and less than or equal to 400,000) and validate
  4. Enter your secret code Coris Money then validate
  5. An electronic receipt will be displayed to you witha 6-digit code to be entered when withdrawing from the ATM/DAB

You will also receive an SMS with the same withdrawal code. 

NB:bold,  The validity period of the code is 4 hours. After this period, you will no longer be able to make withdrawals at DAB/GAB with this code.

Phase 2: Withdrawal at DAB/GAB CBI (see also the video below):

  1. On the DAB/GAB screen, press the button in front of « Mobile Money »
  2. Choose thelanguage (French or English) by pressing the corresponding key.
  3. Press « Continue »
  4. Enter the confidential withdrawal transfer code (6-digit code) which was sent to you by SMS during the provision then press « Validate »
  5. Enter your telephone number (Ex: 68 00 62 00) then confirm by pressing the « Validate » key
  6. Enter the transaction amount; validate to confirmthen choose whether or not you want a receipt
  7. The DAB/GAB presents the tickets to you. Remove them quickly before they are swallowed. 


Max Amount Transaction fees (FCFA)
5 000
10 000
25 000
50 000
100 000
1 800
150 000
2 700
200 000
3 500
400 000
1.75% of the amount