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Cash loans

Target: Any Company or Professional customer with a current account at CBI SA.

Discounting: is an operation by which the bank acquires ownership of a commercial paper (promissory note, bill of exchange, warrant) representing a short-term claim against immediate payment (before maturity) to the bearer (customer) of the reduced nominal fees and interest calculated on the remaining period.

The cash facility : This is a one-time facility to cover a shortfall in the receipts to be presented by the client.

The discovery : is a credit made available to the customer by the bank and used to make up for a structural imbalance or a lack of funds. It is also a short-term credit by which the bank authorizes its client to withdraw funds from its account for an amount greater than its own availability, for a time and at a rate determined in advance. It can be temporary or permanent.

Le crédit de campagne :est octroyé par la banque aux entreprises menant une activité saisonnière et permet de financer la production en attendant la période de vente.

Advance on market:credit granted to the customer within the framework of the execution of a market or an order form for the benefit of the contracting authority against pledge of debt of sum of money and domiciliation of the market or the purchase order.

The bridging loan: credit granted to the customer while waiting for an inflow of money.

Documentary credit:commitment made by the bank (issuing) at the request and in accordance with the instructions of the customer (buyer or originator) to pay immediately or deferred to the supplier (beneficiary), either itself or by through another (advising) bank upon presentation of documents.

The bank intervenes in the financing of public markets and grants its assistance by granting credits or by acting as surety:

Real Estate Credit

Target: Any customer with a checking or checking account.

The real estate loan is a long-term loan intended to cover :

  • a real estate purchase;
  • a real estate construction operation;
  • development work on existing property.

Operating Credit

Target: Any customer with a current account for a sole proprietorship or company.

The operating credit is intended primarily to finance the current or long-term operating needs of business customers. It can be a spot credit which makes it possible to cover large short-term transactions.

Investment Credit

Target: Any customer with a current account.

Investment credit is intended primarily to finance the medium and long-term investment needs of business and corporate customers. It can also be a spot loan or depreciable loan which makes it possible to cover major short-term transactions.

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