Customer information

Dear customers,

Faced with the Coronavirus pandemic which is gaining ground, the highest authorities of our country have reinforced response measures to contain and spread and break the chain of transmission in the short term.

As part of this dynamic and following the directives of the Coris Group, our institution has activated its Business Continuity Plan (BCP), to meet the needs of its customers in a secure sanitary environment.

Special arrangements have therefore been made at the level of our network of agencies, to ensure good availability of our services and effective management of all your operations, in particular import, export and cash, in order to maintain business continuity.

To our customers operating in the sectors of informal activities, tourism, transport and logistics, general trade and public buildings and works who are suffering the most significant immediate negative impacts of this health crisis, we announce that the bank is willing to examine solutions with those who encounter difficulties in respecting their commitments

Coris Bank International, reiterates its commitment to support all sectors of activity of our economy, as part of its financing and social responsibility missions

In addition, it reassures its kind customers that it will fully play its part in order to limit the consequences of the pandemic on the national economy.

General Management